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about us

Symbol Research is an independent research company serving government and industry. We collaborate across technical disciplines to spark new ideas and solutions. At Symbol, we undertake original research, sponsored research and commercial development. Our research focus is building tools and technologies that help engineers, policy makers and scientists create sustainable solutions to complex problems on our connected planet. Our business focus is on creating and delivering new value, whether the outcome is an R&D solution, new product, technology license, or spin-off venture.

Currently, we are actively working with partners on problems in epidemiology, cancer research, microscopy, robotics and systems biology. We measure our success by how we help our partners and their stakeholders achieve positive impact on the world around us. The revenue generated by our R&D projects, consulting, commercialization activities, and marketplace solutions is reinvested in our R&D capabilities, facilities, and staff.

what we do

We work with forward-looking government departments, humanitarian organizations and commercial partners to help find solutions to some of humanity's toughest problems.


We work with scientists and policymakers to simulate complex multi-scale systems in biology, economics, epidemiology and security. We build simulations to inform new product development and policy decisions with an emphasis on providing tactical and strategic support enabling effective long term decision making.

Symbol Platform

The Symbol platform comprises a suite of software that enables rapid discovery and insight from simulating multi-scale biological, geospatial and social systems. In addition to simulation, the platform supports integrated machine learning supported analysis, data management, instrumentation, reporting and visualization.

Bio-Inspired AI

We use biological and ecological inspired artificial intelligence techniques combined with state of the art distributed computation to model real world systems. Our approach uses 'Bottom-up' models, that derive a system’s behavior on higher spatial or temporal scales from the interactions of components at lower scales.

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